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Разрешается вывешивать до 5 разных фотографий. Для каждой фотографии создавать отдельный топик. Фотографии, похожие друг на друга, будут удаляться администраторами.

Конкурс на самую красивую фотографию представителя готической субкультуры со своим котом. Победителю суперприз - любой подарок из магазина ГотикСтайл на сумму 2000р, или скидка в виде 2000р на любой товар. Итоги конкурса проводятся 31 мая 2009 года. Результаты конкурса подводятся комиссией по рейтингу Ваших топиков и другим факторам.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Дата окончания конкурса продлена до 31 августа 2009 года из за малого количества участников.

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> More beautiful house with beautiful garden wallpaper
сообщение 4.5.2016, 12:30
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Your beautiful house is design in the style of the garden will be a wonderful, fulfilling happiness to your family. Currently, the speed of urbanization is taking place in a natural cause dizziness trees descending a working day for the air carrier to date a serious pollution .For so that now the garden is becoming models to be more people interested. And nothing better than when you be in a place close to nature surrounding the aquarium, with more than five sets, with the timber is design sophisticated ... Model villa garden, the garden in the form of agricultural village, garden 1 story form, 2-story, garden-level samples 4, …
If you are planning to build a house then built according to one form of this garden to have an ideal living space, a clean environment, good health. Currently the park home form is design in a modern style, it is not only beautiful on the outside elements and still attractive even in interior architectural features inside. The interior materials be furnished, decorated colors harmoniously to create a fresh cool space. Perhaps the garden will be the best living space gives owners and family members in a life of comfort and relaxation.
Stunning images of bonsai garden where many trees are combined with structure and form for a miraculous outcome. The gardens of this unique show of talented art and architects who created beautiful gardens and amorously like this to the public eye. The great garden in the green of plants combined with lively creativity of architecture can be said is the most amazing gardens in the world. Here we would like to show you the most beautiful garden wallpaper in the world to admire and refer you if you intend to build a house with a garden of greenery.
If your house has a garden which, combined with the plants and the house is good. Brilliant colors of the flowers combined with the green of leaves. A scene will surely attract all glances from everyone. In the spring flowers blooming care, the young green protruded open dishes. Autumn the leaves turn yellow, very romantic setting. Each season garden will bring a different color, brings fresh life. So together we admire the seasons wallpaper beautiful and attractive gardens. Here we also provide lots of nature images wallpaper for you to see and feel
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